What issues do you help clients with?

Aroze Through Concrete assists clients with developing the necessary skills for building positive relationships in their lives, and the workplace.

What type of training did you receive?

I attended an International Coaching Federation approved certification course hosted by The Life Coach Institute of Orange County to become a Certified Professional Life Coach.  In addition to receiving an ICF Certification as a Life Coach, I became a Certified Relationship Coach through continuing education.

What makes you an expert in the field?

In addition to my experience as a Certified Professional Life Coach, I have worked in Human Services with individuals who have developmental disabilities, and At-Risk Youth for over a decade. My current role as a Facilitator includes working with colleagues on effective communication, active listening, life skills, social skills, and more.

Why should I choose you?

If you are willing to put in the necessary work to enhance your overall well being, Aroze Through Concrete will partner with you and help show you how to build positive, sustainable relationships in your life.

What would your ideal client look like?

My ideal client is someone open to change, willing to listen to the honest opinion of other's (not just my own). Someone who is really looking to make a positive impact in their relationships.

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